From South Africa to Kenya ZAR/ KES Exchange Rate 7.02    From Burundi to Kenya BIF/ KES Exchange Rate 0.03727184    From Ghana to Kenya GHS/ KES Exchange Rate 38.65    From Canada to Kenya CAD/ KES Exchange Rate 75.04     From South Africa to Kenya ZAR/ KES Exchange Rate 7.29    From South Sudan to Kenya SSP/ KES Exchange Rate 13.50    From South Sudan to Kenya SSP/ KES Exchange Rate 14.29    From United States to Kenya USD/ KES Exchange Rate 100.85    From Liberia to Kenya LRD/ KES Exchange Rate 80.56    From United Kingdom to Kenya GBP/ KES Exchange Rate 125.18    From United Arab Emirates to Kenya AED/ KES Exchange Rate 24.61    From Afghanistan to Kenya USD/ KES Exchange Rate 79.48    From Uganda to Kenya UGX/ KES Exchange Rate 0.033249    From Tanzania, United Republic of to Kenya TZS/ KES Exchange Rate 19.79    From United States to Uganda USD/ UGX Exchange Rate 2436    From South Africa to Mozambique ZAR/ MZN Exchange Rate 2.4612    From South Africa to Uganda ZAR/ UGX Exchange Rate 193.7484    From United Arab Emirates to Tanzania, United Republic of AED/ TZS Exchange Rate 593.21    From Rwanda to Kenya RWF/ KES Exchange Rate 0.111982082    From Swaziland to Kenya CHF/ KES Exchange Rate 93    From South Africa to Nigeria ZAR/ NGN Exchange Rate 21.69    From South Africa to Zimbabwe ZAR/ USD Exchange Rate 0.06951203    From Kenya to United Arab Emirates KES/ AED Exchange Rate 0.03517179    From Kenya to Kenya KES/ KES Exchange Rate 1    From Zimbabwe to Zimbabwe USD/ USD Exchange Rate 1    From United States to Kenya USD/ KES Exchange Rate 103.20    From South Africa to Tanzania, United Republic of ZAR/ TZS Exchange Rate 149.57     From Congo, the Democratic Republic of the to Kenya /  Exchange Rate 85    From Namibia to Zimbabwe NAD/ USD Exchange Rate 0.06951203    From United Arab Emirates to Sudan USD/ SDG Exchange Rate 5.10     From Burundi to Tanzania, United Republic of BIF/ TZS Exchange Rate 0.74007220    From South Sudan to South Sudan SSP/ SSP Exchange Rate 1    From China to Kenya CNY/ KES Exchange Rate 14.33     From Kenya to China KES/ CNY Exchange Rate 15.94    From United States to Zimbabwe /  Exchange Rate 1    From Kenya to China USD/ CNY Exchange Rate 5.93    From United Kingdom to Zimbabwe GBP/ USD Exchange Rate 1.20    From Kenya to Zimbabwe KES/ USD Exchange Rate 0.00940336    From United Kingdom to Tanzania, United Republic of GBP/ TZS Exchange Rate 2670.95    From United Kingdom to Burundi GBP/ BIF Exchange Rate 1992.17    From Burundi to Uganda /  Exchange Rate 1.00    From United States to Burundi USD/ BIF Exchange Rate 2695.00    From Burundi to Rwanda /  Exchange Rate 0.8032128    From Burundi to Congo, the Democratic Republic of the BIF/ CDF Exchange Rate 0.04761905    From United Arab Emirates to Zimbabwe AED/ USD Exchange Rate 0.25974026    From United Arab Emirates to Botswana USD/ BWP Exchange Rate 11.83    From Kenya to Tanzania, United Republic of KES/ TZS Exchange Rate 20.74    From Botswana to Zimbabwe BWP/ USD Exchange Rate 0.09010633    From Kenya to South Africa USD/ ZAR Exchange Rate 0.08363512    From Kenya to South Africa KES/ ZAR Exchange Rate 0.11547347    From Angola to Zimbabwe AOA/ USD Exchange Rate  0.006451613     From Zambia to Zimbabwe ZMK/ USD Exchange Rate 6253.08    From United States to Tanzania, United Republic of USD/ TZS Exchange Rate 2169.00    From Zimbabwe to United States /  Exchange Rate 1    From Zimbabwe to South Africa USD/ ZAR Exchange Rate 12.47    From Kenya to Burundi KES/ BIF Exchange Rate 24.60    From South Africa to Burundi ZAR/ BIF Exchange Rate 125.36    From France to Burundi /  Exchange Rate 1839.487    From Swaziland to Zimbabwe SZL/ USD Exchange Rate 0.067426665     From Zimbabwe to Kenya USD/ KES Exchange Rate 100    From Kenya to Ethiopia KES/ ETB Exchange Rate 0.24739011    From Swaziland to Zimbabwe /  Exchange Rate 0.04    From Burundi to Zimbabwe BIF/ USD Exchange Rate 0.0003508772     From South Africa to Somalia ZAR/ USD Exchange Rate 0.069512026    From South Africa to Ethiopia ZAR/ ETB Exchange Rate 1.91    From South Africa to Kenya ZAR/ USD Exchange Rate 13.73    From South Africa to South Africa /  Exchange Rate 1    From United States to Ethiopia /  Exchange Rate 22.36    From Kenya to Nigeria KES/ NGN Exchange Rate 3.36    From United States to Nigeria USD/ NGN Exchange Rate 351.05    From United Kingdom to Nigeria /  Exchange Rate 393.77    From Zimbabwe to Nigeria USD/ NGN Exchange Rate 351.05    From Burundi to Nigeria BIF/ NGN Exchange Rate 0.03077778    From United Arab Emirates to Nigeria /  Exchange Rate 82.79    From South Sudan to Nigeria SDG/ NGN Exchange Rate 304.42    From Somalia to Nigeria SOS/ NGN Exchange Rate 304.42    
Daily Exchange Rates